Thursday, December 28, 2006

Jennifer & Gavin at Teavana

Jennifer and Gavin will be married in April at Middleton Plantation. Gavin is from the UK so it might come as no small surprise that they enjoy tea. I decided to begin the shoot by treating them to some tea at Teavana on King Street. (By the way, if you haven't been to Teavana, be sure to check it out. The owners were super friendly and helpful. I don' t know much about tea - other than south GA sweet tea - but I think they have already gotten me hooked!)

After you check out a few photos below, you can view Gavin & Jennifer's slideshow here.

My newest addiction...

Hmmm....decisions, decisions. Which tea will it be?

Fortunately I didn't break anything while taking this picture. :)

Outside in the garden at Teavana...

A few photos on King Street...

I loved the pop of color this wall added.

And then we headed to one of my favorite spots - the Cistern. A sweet kiss with some spanish moss in the background and some lush green winter grass.

I haven't done a "photo booth strip" in a while, but I love them!

Jennifer looks so much like a young Finola Hughes ( or at least I think so! I had fun Jennifer & Gavin, and I can't wait until the wedding! :)

Family Beach Photos

Yesterday I had a photo session at the Isle of Palms with 28 people. It was sooo cold and windy outside that we did everything in a hurry. Thank goodness they were such a photogenic and cooperative family! :) You can see the slideshow here.

Here are the families...

A couple of random pictures. There were so many good looking grandchildren that I don't have room to show them all here. :) Here are a couple...

When the goldfish snacks came out, so did the birds. Julie and Josephine had a great time running among them!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

--- Photographing a Child Celebrity ---

This morning started out on a sad note because I had to take Brian to the airport, and it will be a little over four months before I see him again. :( He is deploying to Africa this time.

After I left the airport I went downtown to meet some friends who are also photographers. They are great people and it cheered me right up to spend time with them.

We had a yummy southern lunch at Poogan's Porch.

And this is Graycen, the child celebrity. Well... she is a child celebrity to photographers anyway! :) Her parents are Joy and Garrett Nudd (of Garrett Nudd Photography) - two of the sweetest people you could ever meet. We (photographers) love to get together and hang out - and Graycen is so very cute that the "paparazzi" always snap lots of photos of her. Be sure to check out the Nudds' website above to see some amazing photos!!!

It took all of about 30 seconds for Gracen to work her charm on me. Who can resist that cute smile and those big, brown eyes? And she was so sweet during lunch!

Garrett and Joy are on the left, I'm in the middle, and Robbin Knight (of Robbin Knight Digital Photography) and Leighanne on the right. And of course, the famous Graycen leading the pack. Robbin is my crazy Charleston photographer friend who always keeps me laughing. He is a great photographer too. And speaking of celebrities, rumor has it that Robbin has a superstar assistant! It was great meeting his wife Leighanne!

~~~ Christmas in Dixie ~~~

Brian and I went home to Georgia for Chrismas. We literally had Christmas in Dixie. Dixie, Georgia, that is! :) I am from the Quitman/Barwick/Dixie area which is between Thomasville and Valdosta. We were so lucky to be able to spend almost a week there.

Brian and me at my mama's house. A lot of you know Brian since he often acts as my assistant/2nd shooter when I can talk him into it! We love staying at my mama's house because she lives in the country, and it is so easy to relax and do nothing!

A picture of my granny playing 20 Questions. We got a little obsessed with playing this game that my brother got for Christmas. You have to check it out.

My mama goes all out for Christmas and made sure that we had a fire in the fireplace on Christmas eve.'re probably thinking...what's the big deal about a fire on Christmas eve? Well for those of us in the deep south...this meant cranking down the air conditioner to get the house cold enough to build a fire! :)

This is my mama (Dara) and her husband Randy. They spoiled us rotten. Completely rotten. Fortunately... Brian, Sam (my brother), and I are so super sweet that it won't effect us long term. :) ha

Brian is about to dig into his "Africa Relief Kit" that my mama gave him! :) He will be heading to Djibouti, Africa the day after Christmas.

Brian, me, and my little brother Sam. Okay...well...he's not so "little." I look short in between them! Sam went to UGA so he is a big Georgia fan and acquired lots of red and black stuff for Christmas!

This is my daddy (Zack) and his wife Judy. They were so sweet and gave us a powerful leaf blower so we won't kicked out of our base house! :) We recently had the opportunity to rent our house long term to a fabulous friend, so we packed up and moved on base. We accumulate points if our yard is not just right, and I'm sad to report that we have somehow managed to acquire some points!! Hopefully this great Christmas present will keep us out of the doghouse and in our new base house!


Friday, December 15, 2006

- - - - - Bess & Ellen - - - - -

I had the pleasure of spending time with Bess, Ellen, & their grandparents (Judy & Malcolm) early Tuesday afternoon. The girls were soooo cute in their pink sweaters and polka dot shoes! You can see their slideshow here.

Bess is one of the smartest three year olds I have ever met. You should hear her count - wow! We started off at Judy at Malcolm's beautiful home and then headed down to a nearby park.

The park was fun, but a little too shady. So...we headed to the Cistern.

Ellen took a little while to warm up, but once she did ... oh goodness ... what a cutie!!

Did I mention how sweet the girls were??

I thought this picture of the girls with their granddad was so cute. Of course, that isn't his "name," but I don't know how to spell the cute little word they call him!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lannhi & Daniel’s Wedding in Belize

As I mentioned before, I didn’t get to meet Lannhi and Daniel before their wedding because they live in Texas. But…I knew it would be great. They had a fabulous website and lots of great details. You can see their slideshow here.

Also, if you are interested in a Belize wedding, I would suggest contacting Mrs. Iraida Gonzalex at She has lots of resources!

This is Lannhi’s wedding dress hanging in her fabulous room at Azul. She used various shades of blue that looked great with the Caribbean background.

The wedding party arrived in boats, and their “aisle” was a dock decorated with palm fronds and flowers. Daniel and his crew are in the closest boat, and Lannhi and her party are hiding in the covered boat in the distance.

These cute boys are Lannhi’s nephews – Davis & Connor. I love their seersucker jackets!

The ceremony was beautiful. It rained lightly throughout so I would alternate between snapping photos and keeping my camera tucked away in a plastic bag. My husband got this great shot of Daniel dipping his gorgeous new wife to kiss her!

Daniel and Lannhi have lots of great friends and family that made the trip to Belize for their wedding.

A few pics of the bride and groom…

The beautiful bride…

The reception was at the Roho Lounge at Azul, so obviously, everything was red. I loved the vibrant background!

…and a sweet shot of Lannhi & Daniel enjoying a moment together before the reception began…

Monday, December 11, 2006

Lannhi & Daniel's "getting to know you" session - Ambergris Caye

It was Saturday morning on Ambergris Caye in Belize...Brian and I lounged around the pool and went for a short (very short) swim in the ocean just to say we did! Fortunately, we didn't freeze to death so we were able to meet Lannhi and Daniel that afternoon for their "getting to know you" session. Lannhi and Daniel live in Texas, so I didn't get to meet them until we were all in Belize. Luckily, it stopped raining long enough for us to take some pictures. I have only edited a few, but stay tuned...all of the photos (including the wedding) should be up in a few days!

This picture that Brian took cracks me up. Those of you who know me know that I will do just about whatever it takes to get the shot - thank goodness I was wearing a skirt! The first pic shows me out in the water trying to get the shot from just the right angle that I wanted. The second pic is the shot that I got. Lannhi was so brave to climb out on the rocks in her shoes that were so cutely not designed for rock climbing! :)

This was just before the rock climbing. I loved the colors in this one - especially since it was such a dreary day.

Lannhi and Daniel wrote their own vows and they were practicing them sweet! They were smiling at each other like that constantly!

You just can't skip the palm tree shot in Belize! I waited for someone to ride by and snapped this shot at just the right moment to add a little extra interest to the picture.

I was secretly wishing that Lannhi and Daniel would go out in the water, but didn't want to ask them to do so since they were dressed up and would be leaving afterwards to go to their rehearsal dinner with all of their guests. Daniel must be a mind reader! He was such a gentleman and scooped Lannhi up and headed out into the water.

I had to convert one to black and white to show off the stormy mood of the day. Of course, the day may have been stormy, but Lannhi's infectious laugh and Daniel's sweet smile brightened everything right up!