Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Danica & Aaron at Alhambra Hall

Some of you may remember seeing Danica & Aaron's engagement photos from Sullivan's Island because they were so gorgeous. Well...I finally got to shoot their wedding Saturday. They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Alhambra Hall. After you check out their photos below, click here to see their slideshow.

Danica's dress was awesome. She went all the way to Savannah to get it, and you can see it was definitely worth the trip!

I could post photos of Danica all day long because she looked like a model.

This is Aaron turning around to get his first look at his bride-to-be...check out that big smile!

And you know I love people who are not afraid to show off their moves on the dance floor!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Kim & Justin - Take Two!

Justin and Kim were married in July, and I met up with them last weekend to take a few pictures at the beach. The main purpose was a bridal session for Kim, but Justin was sweet enough to get all dressed up again and meet us a the beach for a few photos before heading off to watch football! You can see all of the photos from the beach session here.

I love the colors in this one...

You gotta love sunset at the beach!

We found a great sand castle down by the water.

And a few more great shots of Kim...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jessica, Paul, & Maggie Moos

Jessica and Paul were in town taking care of some wedding plans so we took the opportunity to do a "getting to know you" shoot. Luckily they had just had a cup of coffee (or something like that) and were full of energy! :) To see the slideshow - click here!

The first photo of the day. Jessica has such a great smile!

These two were great at ignoring me and having fun together.

Wow - they look like movie stars! Or...maybe...they look like Ralph Lauren models. :)

I loved the color of this wall...

One last shot before the ice cream store...

and...Maggie Moos

Monday, September 11, 2006

~~~ Eliza Jane Visits Charleston ~~~

We were so excited to have great friends in town over the weekend - Chris & Karen and...Eliza Jane. Eliza Jane just turned one, and so of course we had to get some beach photos for her. Check out her slideshow here!

Eliza Jane definitely takes after her mama in some ways. She seemed very comfortable strolling through the gardens of the Calhoun Mansion! :)

Eliza Jane loved playing in the sand. Check her out in her beautiful, beaded Strasburg dress...

And feeling confident after this summer's swim lessons, she makes a run for the water...

100% girl in her adorable pink outfit. She has to be the most perfectly behaved one year old EVER - what a sweetie!

Having a blast with her daddy.

Eliza Jane takes her mama and daddy for walk down the beach...

Good times!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wedding at Whitepoint Gardens - Charleston

Cori and Dan were married at Whitepoint Gardens with a reception at High Cotton. At the end of the ceremony, Collin released butterflies. As if that wasn't cool enough - one flew right over to Cori's dress, landed on it, and stayed there! You can see the slideshow (complete with butterflies) here!

Cori and Dan are so cool and they wanted some "artsy" photos. These are a few of my favorites! This building is in the courtyard behind High Cotton. I love the lines of the railing that lead right down to them.

A few quick photos before the attack of the mosquitoes...