Monday, September 11, 2006

~~~ Eliza Jane Visits Charleston ~~~

We were so excited to have great friends in town over the weekend - Chris & Karen and...Eliza Jane. Eliza Jane just turned one, and so of course we had to get some beach photos for her. Check out her slideshow here!

Eliza Jane definitely takes after her mama in some ways. She seemed very comfortable strolling through the gardens of the Calhoun Mansion! :)

Eliza Jane loved playing in the sand. Check her out in her beautiful, beaded Strasburg dress...

And feeling confident after this summer's swim lessons, she makes a run for the water...

100% girl in her adorable pink outfit. She has to be the most perfectly behaved one year old EVER - what a sweetie!

Having a blast with her daddy.

Eliza Jane takes her mama and daddy for walk down the beach...

Good times!


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