Thursday, August 31, 2006

Destination Wedding in Ambergris Caye, Belize!

We just returned from a destination wedding in Ambergris Caye, Belize. Being a wedding photographer is the BEST! :) Rosy and Todd are from California, so I didn't meet them until the day before the wedding. They were awesome and we had a great time! Click here to see their slideshow.

We met Rosy and Todd the evening before the wedding to take some photos and to have dinner. If you're ever at Fido's on Ambergris, be sure to try their outdoor bowling!

Rosy and Todd stayed at Victoria House which is a perfect location for a romantic, oceanfront wedding.

Rosy looked great in her simple, but elegant gown.

The staff at Victoria House did an excellent job making everything beautiful for the ceremony.

So happy to be married...

Caye Caulker & Ambergris Caye...Fun!

Brian and I stopped by Caye Caulker for a few days before heading over to
Ambergis Caye to shoot a wedding. We had lots of fun! If you would like to see more photos, you can see the slideshow here.

A sunny place for shady people (check out the sign - too funny). The split is where everyone goes to hang out in the sun and snorkle.

I loved the silhouette of the man resting at the pavillion.

A fresh catch ... barracuda!

Brian loves Marie Sharp's hot sauce!

This little girl was way too cute. Check out her pet gecko on a string!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Home to Georgia - Photos of Will

Over the weekend, Brian and I went home for a quick visit. I always try to do a photo session or two while I'm there, and it's always fun when I get to do one for someone I know. I enjoyed driving out to Nankin (I'm guessing most people have no idea where that is located!) and had a great time with Eliza and her super cute son Will! You can see the slideshow here.

I love old barns - and I LOVE this photo of Will in front of the great, old barn at his grandparents' house.

Doesn't he have great eyes?

Those pesky gnats just wouldn't leave Will alone - that is one thing I don't miss about Georgia!

Look at that cute smile! I love the natural light coming in from the window.

a few more...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thomas & Ellie!

I met Rachel (Thomas & Ellie's mom) when she and her husband bought Charleston Concrete Design from us. Check out their website - of course I highly recommend them! :) When I first met Rachel, Ellie was just a little baby and now she is a big sister to Thomas who is 5 weeks old. They came over a few days ago and we had a little photo shoot at my house! You can see all of their photos here.

Ellie & Thomas chillin' in the guest room - for a minute anyway! :)

Thomas (five weeks old) is so tiny and cute...

And Ellie is so precious too!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kamryn at Isle of Palms!

First of all, I have to say ... I LOVE a mama who will let her child get a little dirty! Kristen was all for letting Kamryn have a great time at the beach - and because of that we were able to get the CUTEST photos that really capture Kamryn's personality! Be sure to click here to check out their slideshow!

Kristen, Mark, & Kamryn look great in their khaki & white! It rained just before their shoot, but thank goodness it stopped just in time for us to begin.

Kristen and Kamryn having fun...Although it was sort of a gray day, I was able to catch a little section of the sky with great color!

I used just a little photoshop in this pic to give it a slightly artistic look that would bring more emotion to the photo by making the emphasis less on the beach and more on the closeness of this sweet family!

I think Kamryn is thinking about all the fun she is about to have in the water! :)

And let the fun begin. As you can tell from the angle of this photo, I got quite wet myself!

and one more...I love her reflection in this one.

Don't forget to check out their slideshow!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Brandy & Chuck's Destination Wedding at Hilton Head

It's always fun to get away and do a destination wedding, and Brandy & Chuck's wedding was no exception. Although the ceremony didn't take place on the beach as planned, it was absolutely beautiful. Be sure to check out their slideshow here! You can also view photos here and make purchases if you wish.

Brandy was a beautiful bride, and I just loved her dress...very elegant with lots of details!

Brandy's bridesmaids (and her mom) were loads of fun. Which comes as no surprise since they are fabulous Georgia Southern girls! :) Go Eagles!

I told you her dress was gorgeous! :) I thought the dark ivy was the perfect way to contrast and really show off the veil that was passed down from her mother.

Brandy & Chuck have been together for a long time and everyone was so glad to see them married! I love the way this photo focuses on them, but allows a glimpse of their friends watching in the distance. What a cute couple! Chuck - we loved that speech! :)

In fact, everyone was so happy, that they broke out ALL the best dance moves to celebrate! What a fun crowd!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Rachel & Greg - Welcome to Charleston!

Rachel and Greg just got stationed in Charleston - Greg is a Marine pilot and Rachel is an Air Force officer. Greg is from here though, and I know his family is so happy to have the two of them around for a few years! They had a beautiful wedding at the First Baptist Church and their reception was in the ballroom at the Mills House. You can see their slideshow here.

Rachel was such a trooper. It was a VERY hot day and the a/c was not working where she was getting dressed. Her best friend and her mom help her slide into her beautiful dress...

The First Baptist Church is a cool place to shoot because you can get some great shots from the wrap around balcony. Brian, my awesome husband, got this cool kiss shot.

I love it when I have time to get a silhouette shot...

Whew - being a flower girl is exhausting! Actually - I think it was all the dancing. This girl tore up the dance floor! :)

And --- the first dance --- how sweet!