Thursday, May 31, 2007

Stephanie & Ryan's Hilton Head Island Wedding

Brian and I were in Hilton Head Saturday for Stephanie and Ryan's wedding. Stephanie's aunt and uncle have a fabulous waterfront home and the ceremony was held on the back lawn.

Stephanie was looking gorgeous and was almost ready when we arrived. Her bridesmaids helped her tie her sash, and she was ready to go.

Her shoes were great and I loved the lace detail on her exquisite Monique Lhuillier wedding gown.

The girls were having lots of fun as you can see from the photo below. I think it's time for a contest. If you know why they are laughing so hard - leave a comment and let me know why. I'll choose a winner at random from everyone who responds. The winner will get a $15 Pictage gift certificate to use to purchase a print.

Ryan arrived and was ready to go too!

We took Ryan out on the dock and had Stephanie walk up to him. We stood back and got some fun shots of them seeing each other for the first time.

Then we headed down to the beach for a few shots.

Then we headed back to the house for some shots around the pool.

And was time for the ceremony to begin. Stiles and Savannah were so cute and did a great job. Of course, I need to mention Caroline and Claire - they were both awesome too!

Before we knew it, Mr. Berger was walking Stephanie down the aisle...

The rose petals scattered on the lawn were so pretty.

I loved this shot of Stephanie, Ryan, and Cameron checking out their wedding rings. Cameron loved having her picture taken and was always jumping in the shots. (haha - just kidding Cameron!)

After the ceremony, everyone went to the Country Club of Hilton Head for the reception. Brian is a great photographer, and I love this shot he got of Stephanie and Mr. Berger.

Stiles wasted no time hitting the dance floor. This shot was no was a well orchestrated (Saturday Night Fever?) move that Stiles spontaneously performed!
This dance shot just makes me laugh every time I see it...
Uhhh...I'm not sure what is going on here...but we thought Stephanie's brother was so much fun!
The future Ladies Man Award goes to this guy. I believe he was the best dance of the evening, and he was taking all of the ladies for a spin around the dance floor.
I hated to leave the reception - everyone had so much fun.

Stephanie and Ryan - I hope you are having a great time in Hawaii!
(These images will be ready to view Friday afternoon.)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

South Georgia Wedding

I was glad to be home to photograph Jim and Jana's wedding - and I was so glad that Brian was there to help.

The wedding was in a beautiful little spot in the country...

...with the perfect party house that belongs to family friends. Actually, these family friends (Fred and Sandra) are responsible for introducing Jim and Jana.

Jana looked gorgeous and I loved her dress - it was so different!

And of course Jim looked great too!

We walked around the property and got some photos of Jim and Jana before the ceremony.

Then we jetted off to a tropical island for a few more photos. (haha) It does look like it though, huh? If only the smoky, south Georgia haze were not in the background to let you know otherwise.

A family shot...

Garrett and Bailey walked up to the house with Janna to get ready for the ceremony...

...while Paige and Logan make sure Jim is ready to go.

I have to add...that Paige (in the middle) was our flower girl...oh...almost eleven years ago.

The ceremony was held under the pines and was pefect. Chelsea sang beautifully, and we all think she should be the next American Idol winner!

After a delicious dinner, Jim and Jana had their first dance under the stars.

Soon after, everyone else joined in for lots of dancing.

You can see Jim and Jana's slideshow here or you can log in to Pictage to view all of the photos.

Monday, May 28, 2007

House Hunting in GA

Brian and I had a great time in Georgia. The week started off with a fun little supper to celebrate Brian coming home. We spent most of the next week house hunting. We finally lucked up and found one!

Brian helped me photograph my cousin's wedding Friday night. I am working on those images and should have them up tomorrow or Wednesday. Here is a quick pic that I snapped of my cute brother (Sam) and his girlfriend Alex at the wedding.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Contest Winner & Other Random Stuff...

In case you are wondering why I have been slack about returning emails this week...I have been having fun with Brian since he has some time off work since he returned. Earlier this week, we went for a short stay at the Woodlands and the best dinner I have ever had. If you haven't been, it is something you have to do!

We also went to a fun luau going away party for my friend Doreen. She is the mother of Seven and Chloe for those of you that are always commenting on the dog birthday party!

Today was such a beautiful day that we decided to ride out to Folly Beach for a little while.

Brian ran into a few of his heroes...mostly John Wayne.

We had a great pizza for lunch at Woody's.

I loved the color on the Seashell restaurant across the road.

Then we came home and I got Brian to choose a winner for the Yummi-Licious Cookie Contest. There were lots of entries this time ... but the lucky winner is ...

So...congrats Catherine. I haven't checked out her email address yet, but I'm assuming this is Catherine G....a bride whose destination wedding I will be photographing in Mexico in November. Brian and I are leaving in the morning to go to Georgia to visit family and look for a house so I will go get your cookies as soon as I am back in town!

Stephanie & William's Beach Wedding

William is a computer magician and always works magic on my computer when I am ready to throw it out the window. I used to like him a lot until I read his wedding blog and caught him saying that the food vendors were his favorite. How dare he?? Now he is at the bottom of my favorite clients list. Just kidding! :) William is a super guy and so is his beautiful, sweet, new bride - Stephanie. Well...she is not a super guy - but you know what I mean!

I was happy to have Sha with me yesterday as we started the day at the Francis Marion.

We went up to see Stephanie, and she looked amazing. I loved her short dress and thought it was perfect for a beach wedding.

Her cute, strappy shoes...

The rings...
William looked great too and was prepared with some GQ poses...
The Francis Marion is next to St. Matthews so we thought that would be a great place for William and Stephanie to see each other. I think this is my favorite image of the day!
William and Stephanie are so perfect together, and it was easy to see how happy they were.
After we took a few photos, it was time to head to Sullivan's Island for their ceremony on the beach. We went to the front of the hotel and waited for their Black Cab ... and waited ... and waited ... but they never showed. Fortunately, some of the family members had hired a limo so a couple of the family members were sweet and got out of the limo to make room for Stephanie and William. We took advantage of the limo and got a few great shots at the beach while waiting for the ceremony to begin.
The weather was perfect!
Soon...Stephanie and William were married and the crowd cheered...
While everyone headed back to the Francis Marion for the reception, we took a few minutes to get a few photos on the beach.
Mr. & Mrs. Poteet arrive at the reception...

The first dance...
Stephanie and William had lots of fun guests. I thought this lady was so pretty, and I loved her smile.
And then...just as everything was going great...this guy pulled Stephanie aside to show her how his pics were better than the photographer's. (haha-just kidding!) But I wasn't worried - because I was quite sure that no matter how good he was - I was betting that he didn't have a picture of "nekkid man!" (I'm sure that only a handful will get that joke - but I couldn't resist.)
I always love the fun dance moves...

Thanks Stephanie and William for letting me be a part of your fun day. I had a great time and really enjoyed meeting your family!
Be sure to check out their slideshow here or view all of their photos (and make purchases if you wish) here.

You will not actually be able to view all of the photos until Monday night or Tuesday morning, but I wanted to get this blog posted before I leave to go out of town tomorrow.

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