Tuesday, May 29, 2007

South Georgia Wedding

I was glad to be home to photograph Jim and Jana's wedding - and I was so glad that Brian was there to help.

The wedding was in a beautiful little spot in the country...

...with the perfect party house that belongs to family friends. Actually, these family friends (Fred and Sandra) are responsible for introducing Jim and Jana.

Jana looked gorgeous and I loved her dress - it was so different!

And of course Jim looked great too!

We walked around the property and got some photos of Jim and Jana before the ceremony.

Then we jetted off to a tropical island for a few more photos. (haha) It does look like it though, huh? If only the smoky, south Georgia haze were not in the background to let you know otherwise.

A family shot...

Garrett and Bailey walked up to the house with Janna to get ready for the ceremony...

...while Paige and Logan make sure Jim is ready to go.

I have to add...that Paige (in the middle) was our flower girl...oh...almost eleven years ago.

The ceremony was held under the pines and was pefect. Chelsea sang beautifully, and we all think she should be the next American Idol winner!

After a delicious dinner, Jim and Jana had their first dance under the stars.

Soon after, everyone else joined in for lots of dancing.

You can see Jim and Jana's slideshow here or you can log in to Pictage to view all of the photos.


Blogger Mike said...

Oh, these are awesome images! I bet this wedding was a lot of fun!!

10:00 PM  
Blogger Jill Higgins said...

It was - and it was my first time photographing a family wedding!

8:33 AM  

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