Tuesday, December 26, 2006

~~~ Christmas in Dixie ~~~

Brian and I went home to Georgia for Chrismas. We literally had Christmas in Dixie. Dixie, Georgia, that is! :) I am from the Quitman/Barwick/Dixie area which is between Thomasville and Valdosta. We were so lucky to be able to spend almost a week there.

Brian and me at my mama's house. A lot of you know Brian since he often acts as my assistant/2nd shooter when I can talk him into it! We love staying at my mama's house because she lives in the country, and it is so easy to relax and do nothing!

A picture of my granny playing 20 Questions. We got a little obsessed with playing this game that my brother got for Christmas. You have to check it out.

My mama goes all out for Christmas and made sure that we had a fire in the fireplace on Christmas eve. So...you're probably thinking...what's the big deal about a fire on Christmas eve? Well for those of us in the deep south...this meant cranking down the air conditioner to get the house cold enough to build a fire! :)

This is my mama (Dara) and her husband Randy. They spoiled us rotten. Completely rotten. Fortunately... Brian, Sam (my brother), and I are so super sweet that it won't effect us long term. :) ha

Brian is about to dig into his "Africa Relief Kit" that my mama gave him! :) He will be heading to Djibouti, Africa the day after Christmas.

Brian, me, and my little brother Sam. Okay...well...he's not so "little." I look short in between them! Sam went to UGA so he is a big Georgia fan and acquired lots of red and black stuff for Christmas!

This is my daddy (Zack) and his wife Judy. They were so sweet and gave us a powerful leaf blower so we won't kicked out of our base house! :) We recently had the opportunity to rent our house long term to a fabulous friend, so we packed up and moved on base. We accumulate points if our yard is not just right, and I'm sad to report that we have somehow managed to acquire some points!! Hopefully this great Christmas present will keep us out of the doghouse and in our new base house!



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