Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Calling All Brides - "Trash the Dress" Contest!

Maybe…just maybe…your bridesmaids will get to reuse their dress. But let’s face it, you probably won’t be wearing your wedding dress to the next party you attend. Most brides have the dress cleaned and then store it in the depths of their closet where it is never seen again. This beautiful dress (that you probably spent quite a bit of money on and only wore a few hours) is dying to get out of your closet…and aren’t you dying to have some fun in it?? Well…now is your chance! I’m having a contest for a free “Trash the Dress” session.

Are you up to having some fun in your dress? It’s not called “Trash the Dress” session for nothing! Although we probably won’t destroy the dress, and you may even be able to have it cleaned again, this session is all about not being afraid to sit in alleys, lean on walls, wade in water…whatever you have in mind! This isn’t for the faint of heart! If you are interested, send me your ideas. They don’t need to involve ruining the dress. The idea isn’t really to trash your dress – the idea is just to have fun in it without worrying about keeping it pristine.

1. Who is eligible to enter? Anyone with a wedding dress. You can be married, engaged, or just someone who likes the idea of having fun in a wedding dress.

2. When will the winner be chosen? The winner will be chosen after the holidays. The session will take place in January or February.

3. How will the winner be determined? The winner will be voted on – more details on that later. The winner will be someone who has a fun, creative idea. You must be willing to sign a model release so that the photos can be used for website, etc.

4. What exactly do I win? You get a free session and a CD with all of your high resolution images

5. How do I enter? Just send and email to and tell me a little bit about yourself, why you would like to have the session, and your idea/s for the shoot.


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