Monday, March 19, 2007

Desserts at Charleston Cooks

This morning the OSA spouses went to Charleston Cooks for an awesome, interactive dessert class. Charleston Cooks is one of my favorite place - it is always fun and delicious.

And you know - I have to note - these photos were taken with my cheap little point and shoot camera so don't expect too much!

This is our fabulous Chef (Dylan) preparing us for the sugar high we will be experiencing in a couple of hours. He is super sweet and his classes are always great. I would show you a picture of Tracy too, but it's just a blur because she was trying to get away from the camera! :)

It's so easy to cook when the ingredients/bowls/utensils are all laid out for you!

Deb is working hard on our chocolate-peanut butter pie. Oh gracious it was good! I think it was my favorite.

Marjorie prepares our chocolate souffles for baking. I think they were my favorite too!

Dylan and Liz stuffed the pate a choux with pastry cream and drizzled them with chocolate. Yum.

Daren adds the meringue to our lemon pie while Dylan supervises and Liz thinks, "C'mon Daren - hurry up - I'm hungry!" :)

It is amazing how much you can accomplish with lots of hands working...

Ahhhh...finally...the pie is ready!

Of course we had to have a quick group shot before eating.

A plate full of yumminess: pate a choux, chocolate souffle, walnut cake with orange sauce, chocolate/peanut butter pie, and the lemon pie had it's own plate!

So...what are you waiting for? Call Charleston Cooks and get registered for a class!


Blogger Lea Dales Photography said...

I'm got the pie in the oven shot!! You are just too quick :) Love the photos and the experience.
Love ya

2:58 PM  
Blogger nicole green said...

that looked like so much fun! .. and now i'm starving. :) haha

12:44 PM  

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