Friday, March 09, 2007

Grand Opening Party for White - Pure Couture on Daniel Island

Last night I went to a party at White (a new, upscale bridal boutique) on Daniel Island. Ruth (my photographer friend from upstate) was in town so she went too. We also met up with Thuy (my friend who owns Jade Water Designs) there. White (which is located at 259 Seven Farms Drive) is owned by Jodi Moylan - this is Jodi welcoming everyone...

By the way...these pictures were taken with my little point and shoot camera so they are not the best - but they tell the story!

There were lots of people at the party - and even a cool DJ - those of you around here probably know of Yonni "Da Rude Bwoy."

And then there was a fashion show with lots of great dresses. This was my favorite:

And a few more great dresses...

And last - a shot of Ruth, Thuy, and me.

Afterwards we had a yummy dinner at Sienna on Daniel Island. Our desserts were so delicious - you have to go try them sometime if you haven't.

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Blogger Ruth Rackley said...

Girl I had a blast hanging out with you! We've got to get together more often.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Ruth Rackley said...

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10:30 AM  

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