Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Windy Day in Mexico!

This morning was beautiful so I went for a run along the beach...
...and a little later in the morning, Josie and I met up with Lenita and Andre. We wanted to do a quick session with them before their wedding which is tomorrow. Andre's parents arrived as we were about to start. So while he went to help them, we snapped a few shots of Lenita. Isn't she gorgeous?
Lenita and Andre are a lot of fun so I know their wedding day will be awesome tomorrow.
We thought it would be fun to let them play around on the huge concrete chess board. Hmmm...I think Lenita is winning!
It was so bright outside that we quickly headed for shade to get a few more shots.
I love this one!

And stay tuned for the wedding pics which should be posted sometime next week.
After the photo session we took a taxi into Cancun and walked around town and went shopping in the market. (Our parasailing dreams were dashed by another windy day.)
A shot of me taken by Josie. I love how my wristband matches the yellow trim. :) ha
And Josie leaning on the wall. And in case you're wondering...her bad luck did continue...she woke up this morning with a terrible cold.


Blogger Shannon said...

I love the one of them by the white wall-- the negative space is great.

I received the package today in the mail! It was exciting because I was on a break from class, checked my mail, and had that surprise to brighten the day! THanks.

4:04 AM  

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