Thursday, June 07, 2007

- - - The Desports - - -

Last night I went downtown with the Desports for a photo session. They have two awesome chocolate labs: Chloe and Seven.

This is Seven. He is a great brother and makes sure everyone is where they need to be. You may remember Seven from his birthday pawtee.

And this is Seven's sister Chloe.

This photo of her giving her dad a big kiss cracks me up.

Chloe is a smart girl and knows how to work it for a snack...

A few shots around the cistern...

This is Doreen (a.k.a. Drill Sergeant). I work out with a group of friends three times a week and Doreen keeps us in line (or tries to) when we try to sit down and talk about chocolate and good food. She is leaving us and moving away to Scott AFB in IL next week. We are going to miss her very much!

This is Col. Hula. Oops...I mean Col. Desport. (I can't imagine where that slip came from.)

Next, we stopped by Waterfront Park for some pineapple fountain shots. Chloe and Seven loved the water very much.

You can see their slideshow here.


Blogger lauramkelley said...

These look amazing. You did a great job. Dogs are usually really hard to get to do what you want but you did it very naturally.

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Jules said...

I always LOVE your pictures of downtown Charleston. My mom lives there and I miss it so much. I had a lab named Seven once too. How cool is that? Great job as always, Jill!

7:41 PM  
Blogger Jill Higgins said...

Thanks Laura - their dogs are PERFECT. :)

Julie - I didn't know your mom lives here. You need to come visit! Actually - Doreen (from pics) and I want to go to NYC w/ a group of girls. I may have to call you up for some tips.

8:00 PM  

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