Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Who stole my camera?

Someone stole my camera. That is the only explanation I have. So...someone confess. Here are the days surrounding the mysterious photos...

Brian and I crammed lots of things into our last few days in Charleston. We went to see the Hunley, we ate at several places we had been meaning to go to, and we went to the aquarium.

And then someone stole my camera? Because we were moving, I haven't had a chance to transfer images from my point and shoot camera to my computer in a couple of weeks. So...I did that today. And look what I found! I have NO idea who these people are or where these pictures were taken.

So in after the mystery photos were taken, we went out to Edgars at Wild Dunes to have dinner with Russ and Thuy and Lea and to listen to Mark.

Before moving into our new house - I must confess - I enjoyed a couple of luxurious days soaking in the pool and being lazy at my mama's house in the country.

But there is still a mystery to be solved here. Who stole my camera???

While I am waiting for the confession - be sure to enter this month's contest. I will draw a winner tomorrow!


Blogger Lea Dales Photography said...

I confess! I stole it Jill... That is my uncle Harry and my nephew Moe! I am surpised you couldn't figure that out. You know how we like to all get together for those jammin musical sessions!

2:37 PM  
Blogger Jill Higgins said...

Well...I know you have a musical family...but I know it wasn't you! Seriously...who was it??

3:34 PM  
Blogger Nick & Rachel said...

muah ha ha ha ha!!!!

5:24 PM  

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