Thursday, November 09, 2006

OSP South - Post 1

I was in Chattanooga over the last few days Sunday-Wednesday with a little over 100 photographers having a great time! Most of us arrived late Sunday night, and we had an impromptu photo shoot with Suzy in the lobby of our hotel around midnight. Suzy was an awesome model!

We had a great time sharing and hearing stories, ideas, and experiences. I don't think any of us slept more than a few hours the whole time we were there. Anne Rutheman shot some hilarious videos...

Garrett and Timco at Victoria's Secret...
and how to shoot like Timco...

Okay - those are hysterical (or maybe you had to be there to think they are hysterical) but here are some other video clips of the Chattanooga photographers who planned fun dinners for us and even presented. It was great seeing them again.

Garrett Nudd reads an excerpt from Dale Henry's "Proverbial Cracker Jack" about doing the unexpected.
Garrett and his wife Joy recently moved to Chattanooga from Orlando. Joy is from the Charleston area. They are so wonderful - be sure to check out their site.

Rachel & Mark of LaCour talk about the importance of patience and finding subtle moments in a wedding day. The LaCour team is made up of four photographers (two couples), and they are from Atlanta. They also have some Charleston roots because Erin grew up on James Island. Be sure to check out their website also.

Nathan Holritz also spoke about the benefits of having a home office. Nathan and his wife Amber are another incredible husband and wife team!


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I had a fabulous time meeting you! I wish we could have had more time to hang. Keep rocking!

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