Monday, June 19, 2006

Osceola spears the wedding cake!

Caroline and Chad were married Friday in the most gorgeous chapel. Everything was perfect. See their wedding slideshow here.

And - Oh my gosh! Word can't describe how fun their reception was the following night. Caroline and Chad know how to throw a party! The Old Exchange Building in Charleston is always a great place for an event, but how cool is it that the wedding guests got to tour the dungeon during cocktail hour?? What a fun night it was! Osceloa (umm...I mean...Chad) and his bride even speared the groom's (FSU) cake in grand Seminole style. You absolutely have to check out the dance moves on their reception slideshow. The coolest thing was at the end of the night, everyone got in a huge circle and danced the last dance together. Thanks for a FUN night Chad and Caroline! :)

Serious dancing!

The crowd entertained by Chad!

The last dance circle.


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